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Monday, June 10, 2013

A cute memorable collection .. Saving a kitten!

~ Woke up in the morning to find a kitten left by its mom in my room.(Might be to save it from the rains!) The moment I saw it, I screamed, called my sister who was sitting in another room for rescue. We couldn't figure out at first if it was a kitten or a mouse as it was so tiny :). We were making decisions who would pick it up and most importantly how? I being the brave heart took the decision to pick it up with the help of a magazine as we were pretty awful to touch it at first. I picked it up with the help of two slippery magazines and thought to place it back at the window pane from where it possibly would have entered my room. While I was placing it, I happen to realize that there wasn't enough space for it to stay there and even the kitten was struggling and might have end-up jumping from such a height. With all failed attempts we took it back to the apartment and started making arrangements for our newly arrived guest. 

We made a home for it by using a cardboard which was dumped in our store, also made a plate by using an old cap of a container and poured some milk into it. Struggled hard to make it drink something so that it would survive as she was trembling badly and was making unusual noises, which I must admit was irritating as hell :/ We even bought a dropper to make it drink a little, yet the stupid thing denied to intake anything! 

             After sometime the mother came in from the same window and took it away .. !

A picture of the culprit Mom ;)


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