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Monday, October 17, 2011

Social Taboos : The Fight against our desires and Society !

We are surrounded by so many social taboos, some we pick and some we discard according to our own convenience.  At times we follow some hollow belief systems just because we have lived with them since ages. We are just accustomed to them; we do not even feel there is something wrong about it.  At times we do believe that there is something wrong with the rules and norms around us, but we do not care much to do anything about them as long as they are not affecting our lives. There are even moments when they are affecting our lives but sadly enough we do not have the courage to discard them away. Is it the fear of society that stops us to follow our heart or is it a fear deep down in our own hearts? Whom should we blame ..the society to be so strict on us or ourselves to hold back our consciousnesses within our weak selves? People come from their own school of believes... There is always a particular reason, why a person behaves in a particular manner. Everyone has their own experiences and their own philosophy! 

One cannot marry in the same caste, you cannot have romantic desires for your professor, you shouldn’t dress-up a particular way, obey your elders, follow your rituals .. no matter how wrong and hollow they are. But as these are the rules set upon us by the society so we follow them without really questioning much. Some things have changed now … marrying in the same caste is not considered a taboo in many societies. People are changing, they do question their elders on their unjustified decisions, and rituals are not followed by the same intensity of disbelief. Things are changing! So there’s my point:  Things that are normal in our eyes now  .. were one’s a Taboo in our society! Thing’s we are ok with today .. were the problem grounds of yesterday. So who decides that matters which are acceptable today and are considered to be correct and were incorrect before? The same issues have a fresh outlook now. Where has it arrived from.. what changed suddenly?? Not the caste system .. not the relationships.. not the rituals .. It’s us! Things were same yesterday and are the same even today .. it’s We ..our broader perspective to life.  It was our way of thinking that was stinking somewhere .. it needed a space to breathe .. and we gave it some fresh air to flourish! 
But these are some trivial matters that have been resolved partially, still there are number of absurd norms around us.
 Ever wondered, who has written these unseen rules? Is there any rule book for them somewhere? Or we just accept them because we have seen others following them blindly and we are no different!  So even we decide to follow them blindly and become one with the blind and hypocrite society. We do not have the guts to question them ... rather we don’t even see a need to question them as it has not affected us so far. It’s the headache of the people who are suffering because of them. Until and unless we are not the victim, we will not raise a question .. let the sufferer  scream.. we are busy enjoying and listening to our favourite tunes.. woefully those screams doesn't affect us.. until it becomes ours!

We live in a broad-minded society, we have learnt to follow the west.. and yeah we've  become fashionable puppets.. Haven’t we? Taboos what are they? do they even exist in today's modern world? We are fashionable baby.. Aren't we baby? We are broad-minded and open to everything.. we boast in public that we aren’t conservative and refuse to accept the same  issues in our personal lives, giving all the possible reasons we could think of. We try to hide and justify are cowardliness under the shadows of the same social taboos that we discarded and made fun of in public gatherings. As said earlier we are surrounded by many such taboos, which we pick or discard according to our own sweet convenience!

It's time to Learn from the Mistakes of our Past(Ancestors) and OPEN-UP!


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