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Saturday, August 13, 2011



I can recall a moment, rather a very special moment of my life. I was sitting in my balcony and was wondering what I should do with my life. Is it really going the way as expected, the answer from deep inside was no, no it’s not going the way it should be going. Suddenly my thoughts were disturbed by a voice; it was my mother's voice. She called me to take a registry at my name from the postman standing at the gate. All the while when i was signing the forms.. my eyes were fixed on the envelope, it was so fascinating I was charmed to open it. I almost snatched it from the postman and opened it and found an invitation card from an art gallery. Was wondering who can send me that, but quitting that idea i started looking at the beautiful catalog. Normally I am never much interested in art and literature, but there was something too fascinating about this invitation card. The paintings in catalogue were saying something in itself, It made me go in a wonderland.. for the first time I could find a story in every piece of art. At that very moment, I made up my mind and decided to go to the exhibition "Life in Every Art", the name in itself had so much to say.

The whole night i was somehow charmed by this idea.. i closed my eyes and went off to sleep, so that the morning arrives fast. The next morning after gulping down my breakfast and bidding goodbye to my mom, I headed towards the art gallery. Along my way to the place.. I thought of the name again “Life in every Art" wow I said to myself. I smiled and kept the invitation card back into my bag. After a drive of about half an hour I finally reached the place. It was a very big hall painted in white, immense silence and peace i could feel when i entered there.People around were seeing the paintings with great attention and holding small discussions among themselves. I was new to such places.. did not know exactly what to do. Wandering from here to there, seeing one painting then another.. there was something that caught my attention. What a miracle it was, a master piece in one word. The painting was so beautiful there was just something about it, it knocked my brain, touched my heart, brushed my imaginations.. it aroused some thoughts in me.  I was surprised what was happening to me, I was gazing at the painting and  suddenly it drove me back to the time when I was sitting in the balcony and questioning myself. Here's the answer, said my mind .. I was taken aback and looked at the painting again. My mind said to me : Don't be surprised you heard me right .. here is the answer.    I ignored the thought ..but yet there was something about this painting, I could relate it to myself, I could finally relate it to my life. 

The painting was very enchanting and it had a lot say. It had a story of its own like I said. The hands in the painting were tied, they wanted to be free and they wanted to fly. It was a lady’s hand, tied in chains, there was a little butterfly painted just above the hands. It was a very beautiful butterfly painted in different shades of blue and green. The background of the painting was in the shades of light brown, which helped the other colours to stand out and attract the viewer’s eyes. The picture was so communicative, as if the hands in the painting were trying to say open my chains and allow me to fly.. fly away  like this beautiful and colourful butterfly. Otherwise the painting was very dull, dull as her life, I considered it to be a lady with tied hands and a dull life. It seemed as if all she needed was to add a little colour and a little bit of happiness to her life. There was one thing very  ironical about the painting.. on one hand it showed happiness and freedom in form of the butterfly and on the other hand it showed distress and grief in form of the tied hands. It aroused some thoughts in my mind which I wanted to write down somewhere, might be in form of a poem or a small note.So I started to work upon the thoughts that were passing through my mind, it was just an idea which I wasn’t sure how to put down in words, but yet I tried my to give them a form .. a life .. a poem !

Let me fly .. yes you heard me right .. let me fly

I’ve come to this world with a purpose .. what purpose ?
A purpose to die ... yes we all are living to die one day.
Can dying be some one’s purpose of life .. yes it could be !
The world around us is dying ... um dying within my boundaries.
I hate this boundary marked around me .. um not allowed to move an inch.
There’s something called  a 'World' somewhere ... I want to go there ...
 I want to live and I want to fly.

I am tired of resting here .. seeing people come and go,
 gazing at me with their blue and green eyes .
Some say um beautiful ... some say um just another painter’s  fancy tool.
I want an identity .. it’s right I am a painting , just a piece of art.
But have you ever imagined ... even a piece of art .. could have a living story behind it.
Yes i am that living story ... I am you ... yes you heard me right .. I am YOU.

I am bounded not to move ... but look at you .. you have choose not to move.

Feel good to be human ... not a painted piece of shit ..
But you, you are more dead than me .. I still have a life .. i have a desire ..
A desire to fly .. a desire to be born .. a desire to be YOU and show you life.

Come once and feel my pain, my agony .. can make you insane
Come once feel my life ... if you have the guts .. come live my life.  

After reading this I realized the importance of life, the lost purpose of my life.. what was the purpose?  The purpose was to live! The following morning I went back to the gallery and bought that mystical painting. Years have passed to this incident  but even today when I look back at that painting I am motivated to lead a better life. Our life, our destiny, our ambition, freedom, happiness and prosperity everything is in our own hands. It’s just that we don’t realize it. We do not use our powers properly, we doubt our own decisions and capabilities!  

 Nature and art has a lot to teach us, it’s just we have to be a little more open to learn from non living things around us. Life and Art has a lot of similarities between them. Our life is our canvas and we have to choose the colours we want paint it up with. We can either make it dull or make it as bright as possible the choice is ours. 

I never thought just by changing our perspective we can change our priorities. Life is a learning experience and we can learn from any and every thing we come across. This little piece of art taught me so much, I suggest to everyone to be a little more receptive and you can gain wisdom from every aspect of nature.

After this wonderful experience, I have started paying visits to art galleries and exhibitions much more than I used too. I’ve always tried to explore and find more but I must admit there was something very unique about this painting. I could relate it to myself whereas the other paintings are just a beautiful form of art. They give a pleasing sense to my eyes but fail to reach to my soul.

Look out for that one motivation in your life .. that one connection ... that makes you feel the real YOU and  then wait and see the wonders it can do to you !!!!!!!


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